Strategy Charts & Power Maps: A User Guide

Why Do Campaign Strategic Planning?

  • Goals — the objectives of the campaign. What Issue are you addressing?
  • Issue — the problem to be solved and the solution you want.
  • Campaign — the set of Strategies to achieve the Goal.
  • Strategies — plans designed to build Power to move a Target.
  • Tactics — a set of actions designed to implement a Strategy.
  • Power — the ability to get what you want from a Target.
  • Constituents — groups or people who would directly benefit from a Campaign win.
  • Allies — groups or people who support your Goals.
  • Opponents — groups or people who oppose your Goals.
  • Targets — people who can make your Goals happen.
  • Specific — A simple and exact definition of what you want to happen.
  • Measurable — What information are we tracking to know if we are succeeding?
  • Achievable or Attainable (I’ve seen both) — We should choose strategies that we can imagine actually winning.
  • Relevant or Realistic (I’ve seen both) — Does this really help the group get to its goal? Can the group successfully implement this strategy now?
  • Time-Bound — Set appropriate deadlines to keep the campaign moving.
  1. How does the employer make money?
  2. How does the employer want to grow in the future?
  3. Who are the decision makers?
  4. What are the important business relationships?



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